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A wide shot of a beach with palm trees


Caribbean Flavah is committed to bringing the tastes and spirit of the Caribbean islands to Canada. Our roots are in traditional Trinidadian and Jamaican cuisine and we focus on combining natural seasonings, perfectly grilled meats and seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, and hearty starches into mouthwatering dishes for all to enjoy.


Growing up in the beautiful village of Gasparillo in southern Trinidad, founder and head chef Denry George was connected to the land and immersed in agricultural traditions from a young age. His entrepreneurial path began at 11 years old selling tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and other vegetables at Marabella Market in San Fernando.


This passion for food continued through his life, including attending culinary studies at George Brown College and working at The Keg and Chatterpaul's. Denry opened his first food outlet in Pickering 30 years ago and hasn't looked back since. 

Portrait of head chef and founder Denry George

THE journey

Over the years, the team from Caribbean Flavah has set up shop and served happy customers across Southwestern Ontario, including at the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival, Cobra, Caribana, Grafton Food and Spirits Festival, Afrofest, and hundreds of private events and functions.

Caribbean Flavah has become a community fixture, supporting organizations like Empowerment Squared, a charity dedicated to supporting newcomer, refugee and marginalized youth, and the Immigrants Working Centre, which provides a variety of settlement services.

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